We Shall Overcome on the Streets Part One

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We Shall Overcome on the Streets Part One

We Shall Overcome on the Streets Part One

11 September & 8 October 2016, We Shall Overcome on the Streets @ People's History Museum. Image © Helen Derby This tour was first performed as part of We Shall Overcome (WSO) weekend 2015.  WSO is pro community and anti austerity, a raised fist and a helping hand.  It is a celebration of We Shall Overcomeculture which also offers practical support to community organisations helping those hardest hit by austerity.

This very special tour is a collaboration between The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) and PHM Songwriter in Residence Quiet Loner.  The LRM will take you on one of their unique explorations of the city, blending history, folklore, personal experiences and polemic.  Matt Hill aka Quiet Loner will perform songs en route, with his music illustrating, enhancing and amplifying the stories told by The LRM.  Hill is an understated yet powerful solo performer delivering songs that are emotional, political, occasionally angry but always gentle and human.

Together The LRM and Quiet Loner will be wandering the boundary between public and private space, exploring radical histories, DIY culture, and more.  They will The LRMuncover the power structures and architecture of fear that works to keep loiterers off the streets and share stories of resistance, solidarity and creative mischief.  Expect a few ghost stories, humour and passionate ranting too.  This is a rallying cry to know your streets and be proud of your community.

Part of the Loitering With Intent events programme.Arts Council England

Suitable for all ages

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