Walking, Touching, Lying

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Walking, Touching, Lying

Walking, Touching, Lying

The walk will start at Station Approach Piccadilly in central Manchester, more details will be sent to participants before the event

Myt27 August 2016, Walking, Touching, Lying - A Walk With Mythogeographer Phil Smith @ People's History Museumhogeographer Phil Smith will lead an exploration of the wounds, scars, infections, clues and symbols in the texture of the city’s surfaces. The walk will explore different viewpoint levels, how the surface can ripple and trip, and in what particular gutters to look for dust from Mars.

If you’ve ever stood in a Cotswold village and been overwhelmed by a feeling of unease… or stood underneath the Tour Eiffel and seen that it is, wonderfully, quite different from its publicity, all metal and tense elegance… or been unable to get your mind off the child labourers as you try on something in the big store changing room, there’s something about the fitments that takes your imagination to a village in Sri Lanka… If you’ve felt anything like that, then you may be sympathetic to mythogeography – which is the war of the many unnoticed, against the few with the power of exposure.27 August 2016, Walking, Touching, Lying - A Walk With Mythogeographer Phil Smith @ People's History Museum

Mythogeography has one weapon – you.  It is the stepping and steeping of people in the flows and tugs of all the images around us.  Its central tactic is old fashioned – walking and journeying.  By setting ourselves in motion through a world of images we make ourselves human movie cameras or camera phones – both interpreters and producers.  By the particular focuses and the angles of trajectory we choose, we make an interpretation of our world, and from our impressions we begin to re-make its meanings.

The productions that follow from these experiences – a conversation in a bar, a procession, a conspiracy, a plan, a map, an organisation, a gesture – are what mythogeography is.  It isn’t anything more difficult than that.  By whatever means are necessary, it is the struggle of the differences against the big sameness (dressed in oh so many colours, of course).  And those means may be entrepreneurial, may be trespass, may be poetic, may be effete, may be abject, may be disarming, may be perilous, may be made at a cost, may be invisible, may be best unspoken of for the time being, may be both naïve in hope and canny in practice.  Or it may be something quite unthought of yet, which only you can make it.The LRM

Phil Smith (aka ‘Crab Man’, ‘Mytho’) is a performance maker, writer and ambulatory researcher.  He specialises in creating performances related to walking, site-specificity, mythogeographies and counter-tourism.  He writes and performs ‘mis-guided tours’.  Phil’s publications include A Footbook of Zombie Walking, Walking’s New Movement, Enchanted Things, and Mythogeography.  He is also a playwright, with over 120 of his plays and adaptations having been produced and toured globally.  He is an Associate Professor (Reader) at Plymouth University.Arts Council England

Part of the Loitering With Intent events programme.

Suitable for adults

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