Voices of Kosovo in Manchester

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Voices of Kosovo in Manchester

Voices of Kosovo in Manchester

25 April - 19 July 2015, Voices of Kosovo in Manchester @ People's History Museum, Guardian cover, Manchester 2003, portrait by Michael Spencer Jones © MaKIn 1999 the most serious humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II erupted in the Balkans.  Kosovar ethnic Albanians were airlifted to Manchester in an unprecedented British evacuation programme.

Hear personal stories of a community fleeing from ethnic cleansing, their arrival in the UK, and the impact it had on both the people of Manchester and those who arrived as refugees. Manchester Aid to Kosovo (MaK)

A Manchester Aid to Kosovo (MaK) project, exhibition curated by James Walmsley.

Suitable for adults and young people

Heritage Lottery Fund



The Community Gallery space is where local groups can display their own work. We try to make these displays relevant to the story told in the museum where possible.  Find out more if you are interested in exhibiting.