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Temperance Organisations illustrated talk by Dr Annemarie McAllister

Temperance Organisations illustrated talk by Dr Annemarie McAllister

An illustrated talk exploring temperance organisations by Dr Annemarie McAllister

17 February 2013

Band of Hope procession, London, 1920s © Ruth Mills

Time 14:30 - 15:30

Duration 60 minutes

Cost Free. Donations to the museum gratefully received.

The Temperance Movement, in which people took the pledge not to drink alcohol, effectively began in the North West and played an important part in the lives of many in the region. Despite this, it is a little remembered aspect of our history.

Explore groups such as the Rechabites, the Good Templars, the Sons of Temperance and the Band of Hope.  Find out why and when they were started, how they shaped people’s lives and their use of symbols and ritual.

Suitable for adults.

Booking Requirements: Booking required, please contact 0161 838 9190 or info@phm.org.uk

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