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Spin Dry Vs Leveson: Picturing the News

Spin Dry Vs Leveson: Picturing the News

An exciting workshop by Spin Dry Media discussing the role of images in the media

21 April 2012

Spin Dry Media

Time 11:00 - 14:00

Duration 3 hours

Cost Free. Donations to the museum gratefully received.

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but there’s no doubt a good cover helps in becoming a bestseller!  It’s the same with news; even the most ridiculous article can grab attention simply by adding a good picture…

This workshop run by Spin Dry Media will focus on how images are used by the media to sell stories.  Why include a picture?  What makes a photograph front page worthy?  How can images be used to shape reader opinions?  The workshop will also be looking at the art of editorial cartoons from Hogarth to Bell: What can illustrations say that words cannot project?  How does humour balance up against outrage?

The content you create during the workshop may be included in the first issue of the Spin Dry newspaper and website coming in May 2012.

This workshop is part of ‘The Alternative Leveson Enquiry’, a series of events organised by the Spin Dry Media Cooperative, mentored by www.NOISEfestival.com, and funded by the European Commission’s ‘Youth in Action’ Programme, coordinated in the UK by the British Council.   

Check our Spin Dry Media’s website for more information.

Booking required, book your free tickets via eventbrite