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Queer Story Showcase: International Women’s Day

Queer Story Showcase: International Women’s Day

Celebrate the stories of queer women with a triumphant selection female led LGBT+ short films

9 March 2017

9 March 2017, Queer Story Showcase @ People's History Museum

Time 18:00 - 21:00

Duration 3 hours

Cost £9/£7 unwaged + booking fee

9 March 2017, Queer Story Showcase @ People's History MuseumAs part of our Never Going Underground season, Queer Media brings their pop up cinema event Queer Story Showcase to PHM to mark International Women’s Day. Celebrate the stories of queer women with a triumphant selection of eight amazing female led LGBT+ short films and a screening of the award-winning documentary Out Run. Watch the joy, the sadness, the ups and downs, and the strength in coping with what life throws at you, all wrapped up in a bit of humour with a side order of realness. The event starts at 6pm with an introduction by Sarah Perks, Artistic Director of HOME.

Out Run

As leader of the world’s only LGBT political party, Bemz Benedito dreams of being the first transgender woman in the Philippine Congress. But in a predominantly Catholic nation, rallying for LGBT representation in the halls of Congress is not an easy feat. Bemz and her eclectic team of queer political warriors must rethink traditional campaign strategies to amass support from unlikely places. Taking their equality campaign to small-town hair salons and regional beauty pageants, the activists mobilize working-class trans hairdressers and beauty queens to join the fight against their main political opponent, a homophobic evangelical preacher, and prove to the Filipino electorate that it’s time to take the rights of LGBT people seriously. But as outsiders trying to get inside the system, will they have to compromise their political ideals in order to win? Culminating on election day, Out Run provides a unique look into the challenges LGBT people face as they transition into the mainstream and fight for dignity, legitimacy, and acceptance across the globe. OutRun 1min from Walking Iris Media on Vimeo.

Short Films

A farcical comedy taking on the ridiculous laws governing gay divorce. Sydney & Cameron are a happily engaged couple who are looking forward to their big day. Only problem is, Sydney is still married to Lisa and their home state won’t recognize their marriage let alone their divorce.

Autobiographical tale from trans theatre pro Kate O’Donnell on family exclusion, ageing parents, and the power of nostalgia.

Lucy Hicks
The story of Lucy Hicks Anderson, a woman of colour who thrived during Prohibition and stood her ground to protect her marriage rights after being exposed as a transgender woman.

Ostentatious Behaviour
Celebrating the lives of LGBT+ people and their supportive allies who were alive in 1967 using their own words to commemorate fifty years since the Sexual Offences Act partially decriminalised homosexuality in England and Wales.

True Wheel
Fender Bender, a women/trans/queer bike workshop collective, puts together the first bike-sharing program of Detroit. One bike at a time, they build community.

Mary Kabufufu is lesbian and asylum seeker. She is looking for her girlfriend, who disappeared during their escape from Uganda. During her last interview at the Refugee Board it dawns on her that she has overlooked a clue that might lead her to her girlfriend. But she still does not know if she can get asylum.

Techno Babes
It’s 1996 and in the heart of the young lesbian club scene, clubbers give their views on dancing, drugs and having a good time.

Oh Be Joyful
Potty-mouthed old Rita will stop at nothing to drag her granddaughter, Sophie kicking and screaming out of the closet. From spilling her own sordid secrets, to a botched shoplifting spree, she is determined to get Sophie to live honestly and face her future.


Part of our Never Going Underground season, a year long programme of exhibitions, events and learning programmes exploring the past, present and future of LGBT+ activism.Heritage Lottery FundedNever Going Underground: The Fight for LGBT+ Rights

Wonder WomenPart of Wonder Women 2017, Manchester’s annual feminist festival, running 2-12 March 2017 Suitable for adults

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Booking Requirements:

  • Please note event attendees must arrive at least ten minutes before the start time of the event, otherwise their booked space will be given to someone on the reserve list
  • Please contact the museum as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your reservation so your place can be given to another visitor
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