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Pioneering the future

Pioneering the future

the politics of co-operation.

Please note this exhibition will be closed from PM Wed 8 November, re-opening on Sat 18 November. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

9 September 2017 — 19 November 2017

9 September - 19 November 2017, Pioneering the future @ People’s History Museum. Co-op banners, 1950s

Time 10:00 - 17:00

Duration 7 hours

Cost In order to keep our exhibitions programme affordable to everyone, please make a donation. Suggested donation £3

9 September - 19 November 2017, Pioneering the future @ People’s History Museum. 'It's Plain Commonsense' When a group of tradesmen banded together in Rochdale to create the world’s first co-operative, they didn’t stop at ethical business.  Their ambition was even greater: to transform society itself.

From championing rights for consumers and workers, to giving women a voice in politics long before they had the right to vote, the co-operative movement and co-operators have always been at the forefront of fighting for political change.

Marking the Centenary of the Co-operative Party, the co-operative movement’s political voice, this exhibition explores the radical ideals that inspired those first co-operators, and the challenges that in 1917 drove the co-operative movement to seek direct political representation via a political party of its own.  It reflects on the party’s achievements over the past century, and all that there is left to achieve in the next.

9 September - 19 November 2017, Pioneering the future @ People’s History Museum. 'Co-operators In The House'The exhibition tells the story of a shop assistant who served as Secretary of State, the first woman in history to do so; a blacksmith’s son who led the Royal Navy in Churchill’s Cabinet; the son of a gassed soldier who lost an eye and a leg in World War I, who would pass the world’s first disability rights legislation.  All of them co-operators.

This exhibition celebrates people, ideas and communities coming together and using their collective strength to win economic and political power – and who in doing so, have changed our world for the better.

Suitable for all ages



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