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One Thing

One Thing

An installation exploring belongings, drawing on people’s diverse talents and exploring people’s commonalities

21 June 2014 — 10 July 2014

One Thing

Time 10:00 - 17:00

Duration 7 hours

Throughout 2014 Pod Collective have worked with refugees, asylum seekers and non-refugees in grassroots organisations across Greater Manchester.  This exhibition focuses on collective stories of the participants, in particular their relationship with their belongings and the memories they provoke, drawing on people’s diverse talents and exploring people’s commonalities.

The exhibition will be in two parts: photography will explore people’s memories and experiences with participants making a visual record of some of their treasured items, which incorporates elements of writing. One Thing embroidery Secondly, the embroidery will serve to encapsulate these memories and stories as each person has made a panel of work, upon which they have stitched poignant images or writing.

The separate panels are joined up to form a large-scale fabric sculpture that the public are encouraged to go inside and explore, read the stories and see the photos about people’s memories.

Find out more on twitter @pod_collective and on Pod Collective’s blog.

Anna White and Emily formed Pod Collective in 2012.  They work with people who are seeking asylum or who are refugees, giving people a voice and empowering participants to share a positive message about refugees.

Suitable for all ages

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