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NHS Roadshow

NHS Roadshow

Come tell us your NHS memories, hopes and fears

11 August 2016

11 August 2016, NHS Roadshow @ People's History Museum, image used with permission of Francine Payne www.dartfordhospitalhistories.org.uk

Time 12:00 - 16:00

Duration 4 hours

Cost In order to keep our events programme affordable to everyone, please make a donation. Suggested donation £3

NHS advert for chest x-raysA team of historians from The University of Warwick are writing a People’s History of the NHS, kindly supported by the Wellcome Trust, and they need your help!  The NHS belongs to everyone and has, indeed, even been referred to as a national religion.  With this in mind, they want to meet as many people as possible and to hear your memories of the NHS over time, your experiences of health and care, and your hopes, dreams and anxieties for the future of this great institution.

The team are also building a virtual Museum of the NHS – because such a thing does not yet exist!  They would love for you to bring your NHS-related objects along – whether they be baby tags, NHS glasses, false teeth, false legs, prescription pads, pill bottles – anything and everything which you have related to the NHS they would love to take a look at.  The team will also have some weird and wonderful objects of their own on display!

The team would love to meet children as well as adults, especially those ‘Born in the NHS’!  There will be craft activities on offer including badge making, so you can make your own badges campaigning for the NHS; an institution which, as Aneurin Bevan himself once argued, will only exist for as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it.

Family Friendly event, suitable for all agesWe Love Kids in Museums

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  • Part of our Radicals Assemble! programme of events after hours

Booking Requirements: No booking required, drop in event