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An exciting exhibition curated by Venture Arts

26 May 2012 — 5 August 2012

Artwork from Layered

Time 10:00 - 17:00

Duration 7 hours

This exhibition highlights the creative talent of over 80 adults and young people who have a learning disability from across Manchester.  Using a range of arts processes, a vibrant and exciting show of work has been created.

The theme, ‘layered’, was inspired by the layering of creative techniques that naturally occurs during the artistic process.  This process often begins by looking at something small and simple and gradually building on one’s creative responses to this to form a final piece of artwork.

Those involved have been inspired by their lives, hopes, dreams, landscapes and people around them and have used a myriad of arts and crafts techniques to build up layers around their ideas.

Venture Arts is an organisation based in Hulme which offers arts and crafts workshops and professional development opportunities in the arts for adults and young people who have a learning disability from across the Manchester area.

We are delighted to welcome Terry and David from Venture Arts who are doing work experience at the museum and are writing a blog about their time here.  Follow their progress via the Venture Arts Blog.

The Community Gallery space is where local groups can display their own work.  We try to make these displays relevant to the story told in the museum where possible.  If you are interested in exhibiting, contact exhibitions@phm.org.uk