The Fabric of Protest

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The Fabric of Protest

The Fabric of Protest

What are the issues facing women in Manchester today?  Participants will reflect on positive changes for women made over the last 100 years, and look at what needs to change for the future as we approach the 2018 centenary of women gaining the right to vote for the first time.

Using a range of protest materials: ribbons, rosettes, patches, flags and badges, artist Helen Mather will be asking members of the public to contribute to an art piece with their slogan for change.  Individual voices will combine to produce a collective response to where women are today in society, producing a piece of work rich in ideas, materials and visual impact.

Participants are welcome to join the session for as long as they like.

Suitable for adults and young people over 11Manchester City Council

This event has been supported with a grant from Manchester City Council.

Wonder Women

This event is part of Wonder Women, Manchester’s annual feminist festival. From 3-13 March 2016, we celebrate the women’s movement born in our city through film, art, music, walking tours, gallery takeovers, comedy and debate, asking how far we’ve come in 100 years – and how far we have yet to go.



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