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First Sunday Dérive with The LRM

First Sunday Dérive with The LRM

Join The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) for a wander

7 August 2016

7 August 2016, Sunday Dérive  with The LRM @ People's History Museum, derive generator by Morag Rose

Time 14:00 - 16:00

Duration 2 hours

Cost In order to keep our events programme affordable to everyone, please make a donation.  Suggested donation £3

Walk starts in the Community Gallery at PHM

7 August 2016, Sunday Dérive  with The LRM @ People's History Museum by Marie PattisonPsychogeography is more than a theory; it is something to do and The LRM want to invite everyone to join our explorations.

On the first Sunday of every month we organise some kind of public dérive, or drift.  This is a way of walking across the city which ignores normal conventions of going from A to B.  Instead your route is guided by playfulness, feeling and instinct.  A variety of methods can be used to shape a dérive and during the course of the Loitering With Intent exhibition we will be sharing some of our favourites.The LRM

On this wander we will play a game called ‘Ways of Seeing, Feeling, Being’ or The Psychogeographical Treasure Hunt.  Participants are given an envelope containing a series of instructions which are selected at random.  Each instruction invites you to explore the city in a different way.  You may find yourself focusing on sound or smell, searching for unicorns, hiding from zombies or directing an invisible movie….

The game is suitable for all ages and abilities.  It works best in small groups.  If you are on your own don’t worry as there will be lots of friendly loiterers to wander with.  Groups can walk at their own pace and decide where to go, at the end of the game we will meet up again to share travellers’ tales.  Please be punctual, dress appropriately for the weather and be prepared to see Manchester in a new way afterwards!We Love Kids in Museums

Part of the Loitering With Intent events programme.Arts Council England

Family Friendly activity, suitable for all ages

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  • Did you know you can book Living History performances for groups?  Check out our Learning pages for more information

Booking Requirements: No booking required, just turn up to the Community Gallery at PHM