England, Arise!

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England, Arise!

England, Arise!

Performance duration 90 minutes

Inspired by the revolutionary art, music and literature of the times, the young men and women of Huddersfield refused to take arms against their fellow workers and fight in World War I.  They suffered prison and brutality for their conscientious objection, yet the community supported them so much that Huddersfield soon became known as a ‘hotbed of pacifism’!

Inspired by Comrades In Conscience, by Cyril Pearce, drawing on first hand source material to present an alternative story of political opposition to World War I.  Presented by Bent Architect, written by Mick Martin, directed by Jude Wright.

First World War Centenary, Led By IWMPart of the First World War Centenary Programme.

Suitable for adults and young people over 13

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