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Emily Wilding Davison and Provincial Militant Protest

Emily Wilding Davison and Provincial Militant Protest

A fascinating talk by Krista Cowman

7 June 2013

7 June 2013 Emily Wilding Davison @ People's History Museum

Time 14:00 - 15:00

Duration 60 minutes

Cost Free. Donations to the museum gratefully received.

Most people are familiar with the story of the end of Emily Wilding Davison’ s life.  Her tragic death under the hooves of the King’ s horse at the Derby a century ago and her impressive funeral procession have become some of the most iconic images of the suffragette campaign.

What is less well known, perhaps, is the work that Emily did for the suffragette movement in the years before her death.  When the suffragette leaders were told by Prime Minister Campbell Bannerman to ‘go on pestering’ if they wanted to get the vote, that was exactly what they set out to do, following politicians the length and breadth of Britain to get their point across.

This talk looks at Emily Wilding Davison’ s part in these provincial protests, including her work in Manchester, and outlines their value to the wider suffrage campaign.  Krista Cowman has taught at the University of York and Leeds Metropolitan University and is currently Professor of History and Director of Research for the College of Arts at the University of Lincoln.  Krista has published and broadcast widely on the history of the British suffrage movement, and has a particular interest in the Women’ s Social and Political Union and its provincial work.  Her history of the WSPU’ s paid organisers was published by Manchester University Press in 2007.

Suitable for adults.

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