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Drinking in The City

Drinking in The City

A walking tour exploring how alcohol has shaped our city

26 July 2016

26 July 2016, Drinking in The City @ People's History Museum © Marie Pattison

Time 14:00 - 16:00

Duration 2 hours

Cost In order to keep our events programme affordable to everyone, please make a donation. Suggested donation £3

Please meet in Piccadilly Gardens near the Memorial Tree (by Café Nero).  We will finish with an optional visit to a pub

Manchester has a long and complicated relationship with the bottle.  This walking tour explores how alcohol has shaped the city, both physically and emotionally.  We will make a pilgrimage to historic pubs and discuss the role they have played in communities.  What is lost when a pub closes?  We will explore the evolution of drinking dens, peering in the windows of backstreet boozers, Madchester legends and swanky cocktail bars.

There is now a new breed of foodie destinations and micro breweries, how have these changed the landscape?  We will raise a glass to fun times and drunken solidarities, the big night out and the quiet pint.  However, we will also discuss the dark side of drinking and what motivates prohibition.  There are moral, spiritual and political arguments for abstinence.  We will pay particular attention to public health policy and the pressure placed on emergency and health services by a thriving entertainment scene.

We will also discuss:

  • How class and gender influence drinking
  • Why is the establishment so scared of drunken rebellion and how have pubs helped ferment revolt?
  • Who is excluded from enjoying the city’s delights and why?
  • What does where you choose to drink say about you?
  • How far have gendered stereotypes changed and how does society police young women trying to have fun?
  • How can we untangle moral panics and legitimate concerns?

Because this is an LRM (Loitering Resistance Movement) tour expect our history to be permeable, participatory and opinionated.  We weave together myths, legends, statistics and historical record to create a tour that is equal measures of performance, rant, daydream and guided tour.  A heady cocktail that will have you peering through the bottom of your glass with a new perspective.The LRM

The small but important print: please be advised this walk contains discussion of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.  The walk will take place in Manchester city centre, so participants are politely reminded to be mindful of their environment and take care, especially when crossing roads.  Please dress appropriately (however you define that) for the weather.  If you have any queries or concerns please contact loitering2016@gmail.com.

Part of the Loitering With Intent events programme.Arts Council England

Suitable for adults

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Booking Requirements:

  • Please meet in Piccadilly Gardens near the Memorial Tree (by Café Nero).  We will finish with an optional visit to a pub
  • Please note event attendees must arrive at least ten minutes before the start time of the event, otherwise their booked space will be given to someone on the reserve list
  • Please contact the museum as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your reservation so your place can be given to another visitor
  • Please note all donations are non refundable
  • For further information please contact the museum on 0161 838 9190 or email events@phm.org.uk