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Framing Trans Lives in 21st Century Britain

24 June 2017 — 3 September 2017

24 June - 3 September 2017, Continuum @ People's History Museum

Time 10:00 - 17:00

Duration 7 hours

Cost In order to keep our exhibitions programme affordable to everyone, please make a donation. Suggested donation £3

Recent years have seen an explosion in media interest in trans* issues – however misconceptions about the realities of trans* people’s lives remain.  Continuum: Framing Trans Lives in 21st Century Britain is one of the first large scale group shows in the UK dedicated to promoting trans* art.  It moves beyond the public scrutiny and sensationalism surrounding our identities and bodies to show you who we are away from the medical textbooks, daytime chat shows and hate crime statistics.  This exhibition is an opportunity for us to take ownership of our visibility, to choose the stories we want to tell, the secrets we want to share.

Curated by Artmob, Continuum focuses on the power of creativity to transform otherwise difficult and overlooked experiences and the ability of visual art to communicate the otherwise incommunicable.  The exhibition will feature the work of 15 UK based trans* and non-binary artists, from a variety of backgrounds, working across a range of media, including sculpture, illustration, installation, photography, painting, print, animation and video game art.  The group comprises established artists as well as artists who will be exhibiting for the first time.  The artists occupy a broad range of identities – trans* women, trans* men, non-binary, bi-gender, non-gender.  Their work addresses a diversity of issues, including visibility, identity, philosophy, perception, class, gender, medicine, the body, and law, to name but a few.

We look forward to welcoming visitors into our lives to share our stories and experiences in all their playful, heartfelt and gritted glory.  Our work reveals how much there is that unites rather than divides us and, in the process, gets to the heart of what it is to be human.

Part of our Never Going Underground season, a year long programme of exhibitions, events and learning programmes exploring the past, present andHeritage Lottery FundedNever Going Underground: The Fight for LGBT+ Rights future of LGBT+ activism.

Suitable for all ages