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An installation of paintings presented 30 years on from the Miners’ Strike

21 June 2014 — 27 July 2014

21 June - 27 July 2014, Coal @ People's History Museum © David Baldion

Time 10:00 - 17:00

Duration 7 hours

Cost In order to keep our exhibitions programme affordable to everyone, please make a donation

21 June - 27 July 2014, Coal @ People's History Museum © David BaldionCoal is an installation of paintings made as a tribute to the militancy and bravery of the miners and their families, by Nicholas Baldion.

Artist Statement:

“These strikers faced the venom of the media and the brutality of Thatcher’s state when they stood up against the destruction of an industry and their communities.

Baldion uses a mixture of archive material and pictorial recreation based on witness accounts as source material, with each painting looking at a different aspect of the strike.  In this installation the arrangement has significance; the central painting depicts a standoff between police and miners and divides the wall in two.  On one side the paintings depict the reaction of the media, the brutality of the police, the talking shop of the TUC and labour leaders and the human cost.  On the other side the paintings depict the excitement of a solidarity demo, the pulling together of a community, the bread and butter solidarity in the face of hardship and the sheer determination and spirit of the miners and their supporters.”

Suitable for adults and young people

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