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Cameron’s Coup: How the Tories took Britain to the Brink

Cameron’s Coup: How the Tories took Britain to the Brink

Polly Toynbee and David Walker will discuss their book and the issues it raises

14 February 2015

14 February 2015, Cameron's Coup by Polly Toynbee & David Walker

Time 13:00 - 14:00

Duration 60 minutes

Cost £5 for event only / £12 for event and copy of the book

Polly Toynbee and David Walker come to PHM as part of their book tour to discuss their opinions on the current Conservative government following publication of their book, Cameron’s Coup: How the Tories took Britain to the Brink.

In the words of their publisher: ‘Don’t mistake David Cameron for a bland PR man.  Despite coalition compromises, he has turned out to be more radical than Margaret Thatcher.  She privatised industries.  But he planned to dismantle the welfare state itself – starting with the NHS.  The cuts signalled an assault on Britain’s post war social settlement.  Children, young people and the poor are bearing the brunt.  Social welfare, police, council services, housing and legal aid are under fierce attack.  Will it succeed?  Writing with their trademark incisiveness and wit, Toynbee and Walker report how a party that failed to win a Commons majority has still been devastatingly effective.  Blending analysis and statistics with moving human stories from Sydenham to Sheffield, Cameron’s Coup argues that Britain is becoming meaner and harsher.  The pressing question now is whether these changes are irrevocable.’

Suitable for all ages

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