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AHRC Tailored Trades Network launch

AHRC Tailored Trades Network launch

Working Class Women, Fashion, Glamour and Shopping in Manchester, 1910s-1939

29 June 2013

Banners section at People's History Museum

Time 13:00 - 16:00

Duration 3 hours

Cost Free. Donations to the museum gratefully received.

How did women in Manchester use home dressmaking to access fashionable clothes?  How did developments in the British textile industry affect workers and workers’ communities?  In the early 20th century the histories of dress and labour shared many common threads.  Mechanised manufacturing and accelerated modes of production created employment possibilities.  A radical transformation of clothes and costumes paralleled this revolution in trades and industries.  Young working class women used home dressmaking to access the latest fashion and imitate film stars.

This afternoon event will launch a series of events related to the Tailored Trades: Clothes, Labour and Professional Communities (1880-1939) research network, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.  The event provides an opportunity to hear Dr Charlotte Wildman (University of Manchester) speak on working class women’s fashion.  Leanne Tonkin (Textile Conservator at the People’ s History Museum) will give an insight into the work undertaken in the Textile Conservation Studio and there will be exhibits from the museum’ s archive and object collection on display.

Suitable for adults.

  • Treat yourself to 15% off in The Left Bank cafe bar when you attend an event at the People’s History Museum
  • Did you know the museum holds the world’s largest collection of historic trade union and political banners?  Check out the Textile Conservation Studio pages for more information

Booking required: To book please follow this link.  For all booking enquiries please contact Amelia Hurtley on 01392 725494 or hums-conferences@ex.ac.uk

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