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100 Deeds

100 Deeds

Inspired by Emily Wilding Davison

4 June 2013 — 14 June 2013

100 Deeds

On 4 June 1913, 100 years ago, Emily Wilding Davison stepped in front of the King’s horse at the Epsom Derby, whilst promoting women’s right to vote.  Some considered her to be an extremist, others a hero.

On the 100 year anniversary of Emily’s deed at Epsom, we are interested in what gender equality means now.  In response to the Women’s Social Political Union slogan ‘Deeds Not Words’, we are inviting 100 members of the public to do and share a deed.  Come see these deeds on display in the museum foyer.

Get involved by visiting 100deeds.co.uk or use the hashtag #100Deeds

A project by Sarah Evans and Jenny Gaskell.  Funded by Equity Foundation, with thanks People’s History Museum, Wonder Women: Radical Manchester and The Future.

Check out the Wonder Women: Radical Manchester blog.

The Community Gallery space is where local groups can display their own work. We try to make these displays relevant to the story told in the museum where possible.  If you are interested in exhibiting, contact exhibitions@phm.org.uk

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