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‘Each for all and all for each’ A display about the Co-operative Party

‘Each for all and all for each’ A display about the Co-operative Party

Located in the Processional Way

4 September 2012 — 5 November 2012

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To coincide with the International Year of Co-operatives, this display examines the story of the Co-operative Party; taking the visitor on a journey from its origins within the co-operative movement to the growing political power of its parliamentary members and the 1927 agreement with the Labour Party. Looking at original artefacts, pamphlets and posters, the display tells the hidden story of the Co-operative Party which today ranks as the fourth largest party in parliament. From its birth during WWI to the current Labour and Co-operative members of parliament, the exhibition will shed light on one of the major yet relatively unknown political parties and its relation to the worldwide co-operative movement.

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