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Shop Item of the Month 2017

March 2017

Never Going Underground t-shirt
£12.99Never Going Underground t-shirt

‘In 1988, Section 28 was passed, stating that local authorities ‘shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality’.  In response, there was a national outcry, with protests happening up and down the country.  The rally in Manchester emphasised the strength of the LGBT+ community, with Ian McKellen, Tom Robinson, and Michael Cashman in attendence.  The t-shirt depicts the London Underground symbol with the words ‘Never Going Underground’, reflecting defiance against discrimination.  Going back to a world where LGBT+ people were criminalised and devalued was not an option – they were staying out and moving forward.  They would never stop fighting.  We’ve recreated the t-shirt to celebrate our latest exhibitionmarking the anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexual acts.  The exhibition Never Going Underground: The Fight For LGBT+ Rights is now open, and this t-shirt is a perfect way to show your support.  Happy shopping!’
Caoimhe, Volunteer

  • Find out more about our Never Going Underground season, a year long programme of exhibitions, events and learning programmes exploring the past, present and future of LGBT+ activism

February 2017

Ian Halawi Valentine’s Day Cards / Clavis & Claustra tote bag

Valentine's Ian Halawi Valentine's Day Cards / Clavis & Claustra tote bag‘Have you bought your Valentine a card yet?  Look no further, because love is in the air in the PHM shop.  Designer and artist Ian Halawi has created these chic cards for the shop, and we’re in love with them.  They’re getting us in the mood for spring and florals!  And what’s that you spot in the background?  It’s Clavis & Claustra’s Libertea/Egalitea/Sororitea tote bag, the loveliest gift for lovers of tea, cake and revolution!’
Helen Antrobus, Business Development Officer


January 2017Thomas Paine © Paul Peter Piech

Paul Peter Piech Poster

‘Our current changing exhibition, Dedicated to all Defenders of Human Freedoms. The Art of Paul Peter Piechis only on display for one more month – so make sure you see it before it goes!  This inspiring exhibition of Paul Peter Piech’s radical prints will, as one of our visitors put it, ‘break your heart and make your hand into a fist’.  Alongside the accompanying book to the exhibition, we have prints and postcards of many of the artworks on display.  Piech created so many pieces alluding to radical heroes, such as Walt Whitman and Martin Luther King, but our favourite poster is his print of Thomas Paine, whose desk sits proudly in Main Gallery One.’
Helen Antrobus, Business Development Officer

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