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Shop Item of the Month 2016

December 2016

Periodic Table

Made in Manchester periodic table by Paul Grogan‘December’s Shop Item of the Month comes from photographer Paul Grogan, whose black and white photographs of Manchester are already a favourite here at PHM.  This new limited edition A1 print, Made in Manchester, is a periodic table of all the elements that make up this great city.  Elements include The Smiths, Graphene and of course, People’s History Museum!  A perfect Christmas gift for that special Mancunian in your life.  Merry Christmas from all of us at PHM shop!’
Amber Greenall-Heffernan, Gallery Assistant (Retail)




November 2016

Paul Peter Piech merchandise
Various prices Paul Peter Piech merchandise

‘Throughout the duration of Dedicated to all Defenders of Human Freedoms. The Art of Paul Peter Piech, the museum shop has a wide collection of items that represent Piech’s work as an artist, humanitarian and campaigner.  Posters and postcards display Piech’s work that addresses subjects from equality and politics to jazz.  The Graphic World of Paul Peter Piech, a beautiful book, presents a wonderful collection of decades of Piech’s print work.  These shop items are the perfect opportunity to share the powerful and thought provoking artwork with others that may not be able to see the exhibition in person.’
Kate Thomas-Tielke, Learning Volunteer

October 2016

Ideas Worth Fighting For range
Various prices

Ideas Worth Fighting For rangeFor one week only during October, the Ideas Worth Fighting For exhibition brought together the work of 12 of the country’s leading artists and designers for a show of new work featuring prints, paintings, installations, banners and more.  Each of the contributing artists created work especially for the exhibition, or donated a piece that provided a unique and personal view of something that they believe in and feel strongly about.  If you missed the exhibition, don’t miss your chance to get your hands of some unique pieces by the artists involved, available in our shop.  The range includes postcards, posters, prints and books; pick up a souvenir for yourself or a gift with a difference for a loved one.’
Daisy Nicholson, Marketing & Development Officer

September 2016

Striking a Light by Louise Raw

Striking a Light: The Bryant and May Matchwomen and their Place in History by historian Louise Raw

‘With the monthly Fabric of Protest sessions currently creating a banner commemorating the Match Girls’ Strike of 1888, we have the perfect book to learn more about it. Striking a Light: The Bryant and May Matchwomen and their Place in History by historian Louise Raw will teach you all you need to know about this incredible event in history.
The strike is an event often overlooked, but Raw delves into the heart of the story, putting the strike into its context, dispelling old myths and offering enlightening new interpretations.  A brilliant start if you’re new to the Match Girls’ Strike, but even if you’re familiar with what happened, you’ll find yourself learning something new with every chapter.’
Helen Antrobus, Business Development Officer

August 2016

Peterloo books
£2.00 – £14.00

Peterloo books‘On 16 August 1819, tens of thousands of people gathered in St Peter’s Fields, Manchester, to peacefully demonstrate for Parliamentary Reform and to listen to the famed orator of the day, Henry Hunt, speak.  Chaos subsequently ensued when local magistrates sent in yeomanry (allegedly drunk) to deal with the crowd, killing 18 and injuring over 600 people.  The tragedy of Peterloo was a defining moment of the century – it raised huge awareness for the working class struggle and the need for radical change. Want to learn more about Peterloo?  Not only do we have an incredible section of our galleries dedicated to the massacre, but we also have some books in the shop for you to sink your teeth into.  Mark Krantz’s Rise Like Lions is a short history of Peterloo, covering all the key facts and pivotal moments of the event.  Krantz truly demonstrates how the fight for democracy and equality is yet to end – through discussing the events of Peterloo, Krantz inspires us in the present to be just as radical as those who gathered on St Peter’s Fields, 197 years ago.  Return to Peterloo is a collection of chapters edited by Peterloo historian Robert Poole.  The book seeks to challenge and rectify the debates, theories and arguments over the last century, presenting new perspectives on the much discussed events of 16 August 1819.  A chapter by PHM’s Head of Collections & Engagement Dr Chris Burgess, is a highlight!’
Helen Antrobus, Business Development Officer

July 2016

Paul Grogan framed print

Paul Grogan framed prints‘We might be a national museum, but we do love where we are in Manchester, one of the greatest cities in the world!  Photographer Paul Grogan captures Manchester at it’s most Manc, by snapping the famous landmarks and buildings in Manchester that you only really know if you’re born and bred, alongside cultural giants such as Salford Lads Club and the famous Manchester Bee at Manchester Town Hall.  Brand new to the People’s History Museum shop, these fantastic pieces are perfect for everybody who loves Manchester just as much as us!’
Mike Prescott, Senior Gallery Assistant


May 2016

EU referendum booksEU referendum books on sale @ People's History Museum
£4.99 – £14.99

‘With the EU referendum firmly upon us, the question on everybody’s lips at the moment seems to be in or out?  However, it isn’t quite that simple.  If you’re anything like me, a  lot of the information we see in the media and by each campaigning side doesn’t seem to make much sense – there are so many facts and figures and insults being hurled around it’s difficult to see the pros and cons of each argument properly.  Running until Tuesday 28 June, The EURO Tunnel was recently installed in PHM’s foyer as a way to answer people’s questions with fair, unbiased facts about the EU.  It’s big, it’s bright, and it’s easy to follow.  So, to try and be even more helpful, we’ve stocked up on some great reads to help you decide which way you’ll end up voting.  With some fascinating facts and theories, we hope these reads are just as informative for you as they were for us!’
Helen Antrobus, Business Development Officer

April 2016

Sally Heathcote: Suffragette, by Mary M Talbot, Kate Charlesworth and Bryan Talbot

Sally Heathcote: Suffragette, by Mary M Talbot, Kate Charlesworth and Bryan Talbot‘This month we have chosen the Sally Heathcote: Suffragette graphic novel by Mary M Talbot, Kate Charlesworth and Bryan Talbot as our Shop Item of the Month.  It tells the story of Sally, who is reminiscing of her days as a suffragette.
It’s beautifully drawn and an engaging, inspiring way to learn about the struggles and hardships women went through for the vote – a perfect buy for anybody who is unfamiliar with the suffragette movement. Despite the comic book style and the almost humorous art work, it is amazing how quickly this novel can make you descend into sadness at the plight of those arrested, those beaten, and those discriminated against in the fight for the vote.  However, sad though you may feel, it is hard to read this novel without drawing strength from it, without feeling encouraged and inspired by the story, and without having nothing but complete respect for those women who achieved so much through their bravery.’
Helen Antrobus, Business Development Officer 

March 2016

In Loving Memory of Work by Craig Oldham

In Loving Memory of Work by Craig Oldham‘The Miners’ Strike left a long legacy.  A history of mistrust between large sections of society and forces of authority.  The end of a way of life that had supported Britain’s industrial might.  Designer Craig Oldham – himself a miner’s son – charts a further inheritance, one expressed through a graphic revolution.  Craig’s book In Loving Memory of Work depicts this graphic heritage, linking the beauty and vitality of the protest imagery with the events of the strike.  It is both a call to arms and a eulogy, a vision of the destructive end to a once proud industry and a demonstration that graphic design is not just about pretty pictures, but a revelation on the awesome power of communication.  The first 1,000 copies sold out, don’t miss it a second time.’
Chris Burgess, Curator (Collections & Exhibitions)


February 2016

The Drift, by Ian Beesley and Ian McMillan

The Drift, by Ian Beesley and Ian McMillanWith the opening of the museum’s new exhibition Grafters which highlights the photographs of Ian Beesley and the poems of Ian McMillan, I’ve selected a previous book created by these artists.  This striking book provides an on-the-ground look at the world of the miners in Hay Royds Mine.  Through Ian Beesley’s photos we get a glimpse into a day of a miner.  We get to actually see the miners’ point of view and read about their experiences.  Ian McMillan’s poems then go further to portray the ‘secret nature’ of the mine.  Poems such as Into the Ground and Pitman Speyks illustrate the life of a miner.  I enjoyed how the book’s photographs and poems together offer a look into an industry that many of us will never experience first hand.’
Kate Thomas-Tielke, Volunteer


January 2016

The Magpie’s Daughter honeycomb necklace

The Magpie’s Daughter honeycomb necklace‘Even though Christmas is over, it’s nice to beat the January blues with some treats and the honeycomb necklace from The Magpie’s Daughter range is perfect for this!  Handmade with love and locally produced, the necklace is a perfect statement piece whilst looking elegant and delicate.  It pays excellent homage to Manchester with it’s ties to the worker bee, and it’s a steal at £20.’
Lauren Hibbert, Venue Hire & Admin Assistant 


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