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Rise Like Lions and The 1842 General Strike by Mark KrantzThe PHM shop has a wonderful range of radical books, toys, gifts and homeware that make great presents for kids and grown ups!  We have introduced stock from a great selection of independent and local artists and stockists, including The Manchester Bee Company, S L Scott, and The Magpie’s Daughter.

Our gifts also have an extra feel good factor; when you shop with us, all your purchases go towards supporting the museum.

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Please get in touch on Twitter @PHMShop or email the Retail Team at for info, orders and suggestions.

Shop Item of the Month

EU referendum books
£4.99 – £14.99

EU referendum books‘With the EU referendum firmly upon us, the question on everybody’s lips at the moment seems to be in or out?  However, it isn’t quite that simple.  If you’re anything like me, a  lot of the information we see in the media and by each campaigning side doesn’t seem to make much sense – there are so many facts and figures and insults being hurled around it’s difficult to see the pros and cons of each argument properly.  Running until Tuesday 28 June, The EURO Tunnel was recently installed in PHM’s foyer as a way to answer people’s questions with fair, unbiased facts about the EU.  It’s big, it’s bright, and it’s easy to follow.  So, to try and be even more helpful, we’ve stocked up on some great reads to help you decide which way you’ll end up voting.  With some fascinating facts and theories, we hope these reads are just as informative for you as they were for us!’
Helen Antrobus, Business Development Officer