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Rise Like Lions and The 1842 General Strike by Mark KrantzThe PHM shop has a wonderful range of radical books, toys, gifts and homeware that make great presents for kids and grown ups!  We have introduced stock from a great selection of independent and local artists and stockists, including The Manchester Bee Company, S L Scott, and The Magpie’s Daughter.

Our gifts also have an extra feel good factor; when you shop with us, all your purchases go towards supporting the museum.

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Shop Item of the Month

Peterloo books
£2.00 – £14.99

Peterloo books @ PHM Shop‘On 16 August 1819, tens of thousands of people gathered in St Peter’s Fields, Manchester, to peacefully demonstrate for Parliamentary Reform and to listen to the famed orator of the day, Henry Hunt, speak.  Chaos subsequently ensued when local magistrates sent in yeomanry (allegedly drunk) to deal with the crowd, killing 18 and injuring over 600 people.  The tragedy of Peterloo was a defining moment of the century – it raised huge awareness for the working class struggle and the need for radical change.

Want to learn more about Peterloo?  Not only do we have an incredible section of our galleries dedicated to the massacre, but we also have some books in the shop for you to sink your teeth into.  Mark Krantz’s Rise Like Lions is a short history of Peterloo, covering all the key facts and pivotal moments of the event.  Krantz truly demonstrates how the fight for democracy and equality is yet to end – through discussing the events of Peterloo, Krantz inspires us in the present to be just as radical as those who gathered on St Peter’s Fields, 197 years ago.

Return to Peterloo is a collection of chapters edited by Peterloo historian Robert Poole.  The book seeks to challenge and rectify the debates, theories and arguments over the last century, presenting new perspectives on the much discussed events of 16 August 1819.  A chapter by PHM’s Head of Collections & Engagement Dr Chris Burgess, is a highlight!’
Helen Antrobus, Business Development Officer