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Living History: Peterloo

Living History: Peterloo

Meet James Bronterre O‘Brien, editor of Victorian newspaper the Poor Man’s Guardian. Accompany Bronterre on a march to Peterloo, interview child mill worker John Oats, and use drama and role play techniques to uncover the stories of the day.

Living History workshops use performance, interactive drama activities and gallery exploration to bring learning to life.

Meet James, a naive businessman who wants to find out the truth about the Peterloo Massacre. Accompany him as he meets with eyewitnesses from different social classes to uncover why a peaceful protest turned violent.

Find out more about this session and how it links to the National Curriculum:

PHM Peterloo – Teacher’s Notes

Peterloo lesson plans

Heritage Schools animation - Peterloo 1819, narrated by Robert Poole

Our Living History sessions take place in our purpose built Mini Theatre space in Main Gallery One. This gallery is open to all our visitors during performances. Whilst we endeavour to keep any external noise during a performance to a minimum, please be aware at times there may be external noise from other visitors in the galleries.

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