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Living History: Woody the Time Travelling Shopper

Living History: Woody the Time Travelling Shopper

Key Stage1 & 2 pupils will meet our magical time traveller. They will find out about life in the past and go on a shopping adventure.

Living History: Woody the Time Travelling Shopper

Living History workshops use performance, interactive drama activities and gallery exploration to bring learning to life.

Enjoy this cross-curricular Living History session for Key Stage 1 & 2 using our 1930s Co-op shop.

Help Woody, a time traveller from a distant planet, build a time machine so your class can go on a shopping adventure.  Meet Dotty in the Co-op shop in 1936 and then travel back to the 1840s to meet her grandmother at the first Co-op shop in Rochdale.

Find out more about this session and how it links to the National Curriculum:

PHM Woody the Time Travelling Shopper – Teachers’ Notes

Our Living History sessions take place in our purpose built Mini Theatre space in Main Gallery One. This gallery is open to all our visitors during performances. Whilst we endeavour to keep any external noise during a performance to a minimum, please be aware at times there may be external noise from other visitors in the galleries.

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