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A-level History Archive Research Session

A-level History Archive Research Session

Russia 1917-1922: Revolution, Civil War and Repression

The Communist, 13 May 1922, The Genoa Tea Party

The Labour History Archive & Study Centre at the People’s History Museum contains a rich collection of documents relating to the early years of Bolshevik rule.  A selection of the most interesting material has been turned into a unique teaching resource aimed at students taking the new History A-level.

The resource is designed to be used alongside an archive based research session, where students will get the opportunity to study the original documents with the museum’s archivists.  The documents cover key aspects of the period between 1917 and 1922, including the October Revolution, the Civil War, the famine of 1921 and the repression of opposition.

For all students of Russian history, the experience of handling authentic documents will bring the period to life, helping them to develop their analytical skills and extending their knowledge through rarely seen documents.  For students planning to continue their history studies at university, these activities will give them invaluable archive experience.  The resource can also be used by history students currently at university.

Tutors booking an Archive Research Session will get a copy of the full teaching resource on a pen drive.  A sample of resources can be found below:

Please contact the Learning Team for further details.

Curriculum Links

AQA (AS 7041, A-level 7042)The Communist, 27 August 1921

  • Breadth Study 1H – Tsarist and Communist Russia, 1855-1964
  • Depth Study 2N – Revolution and Dictatorship: Russia, 1917-1953
  • Historical Investigation

Edexcel (AS 8HI0, A-level 9HI0)

  • Paper 1 – Option 2E (AS 1E) – Russia 1917: Russia 1917-91 From Lenin to Yeltsin
  • Paper 2 – Option 2C.2 – Russian in Revolution, 1894-1924
  • Paper 3 – Option 38.1 – The Making of Modern Russia, 1855-1991
  • Coursework

OCR (AS H105, A-level H505)

  • Non British Period Study Our Newspaper, 9 March, 1926 (RUS14c11) – Global Loan Shark

Russia 1894-1941 (AS Y249, A-level Y219)

  • Thematic Study and Historical Interpretations

Russia and its Rulers, 1855-1964

  • Topic based essay

Welsh Board (WJEC)

  • Breadth Study – Changing leadership and society in Russia, 1881-1989
  • Non-examination assessment

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