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The following policies relate to the collections management at the People's History Museum; how we use, care for, and provide access to our collections

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  • Rapid Take Down Policy
    Have a complaint about copyright?  People’s History Museum attempts, where possible, to make every effort to contact known holders of copyright before using images externally.  If you have a complaint about an image you have seen, and believe you are the copyright holder, please download our Rapid Take Down Policy and follow the steps indicated in the document.
  • Digitisation Policy
    Our Digitisation Policy sets a framework for photographing our collections at the People’s History Museum.
  • Access Policy
    Our Access Policy sets out criteria for providing both physical and intellectual access to the museum’s collections.
  • Care and Conservation Policy
    Our Care and Conservation Policy sets out a framework for caring for the museum’s collections both on display, and in our stores.
  • Collections Development Policy
    Our Collections Development Policy sets out the policy which guides the People’s History Museum’s collection, including priorities for future collecting, rationalisation and disposal.
  • Display Policy
    Our Display Policy sets out a framework for the entire range of displays and covers single objects, special or touring exhibitions, permanent galleries and loans.
  • Collections Documentation Policy
    The Collections Documentation Policy sets out the museum’s approach to collections management, security and access.
  • Environmental Policy
    The Environmental Policy sets out the museum’s commitment to reducing impacts to the environment in all areas of our work.

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