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Collection highlights: Pank-a-Squith board game

Pank-a-Squith board game

The Pank-a-Squith board game was first advertised in Votes for Women on 22 October 1909. Pank-a-Squith board game It was designed to teach people about the issues involved in the suffragette campaign to win the right for British women to vote and to raise money for the movement.

It is a spiral game which represents the suffragette struggle (led by Emmeline Pankhurst) against Prime Minister Herbert Asquith and the Liberal Government.  It comes with six painted, cast lead figures each representing a suffragette.  Players attempt to guide their suffragette from her home to the Houses of Parliament, the Pank-a-Squith board gamegame’s goal.

The suffragettes ran a very successful marketing campaign and whilst Pank-a-Squith was designed with humorous intent, the darker side of the campaign such as force feeding and police violence against women protesters is not overlooked.

  • The museum holds a replica of the game (pictured) in Main Gallery One.  Come and visit and play Pank-a-Squith for yourself.
  • Why not pick up your own Pank-a-Squith board game to play at home, available to purchase at the museum shop.


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