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Object Donations

Object Donations

If you think you have objects which you would like to give to the museum then please read the following notes carefully

Reformers section, Main Gallery One

All new acquisitions are brought before the Acquisitions Panel to be approved by the Collections Team; the panel meet every three weeks.  If the panel agrees to accept your kind offer, the Collections Team will be in touch regarding the donation.

Whilst we greatly appreciate offers of material, please be aware that we cannot accept everything offered to us.  Please don’t be offended if we turn you down – we will try to help you to find the most suitable home for your donation.

Please feel free to contact the museum to discuss any potential object donations.  As a quick reference please refer to the guide below to see what we generally do and don’t collect.  Please note the museum only accepts donations and does not accept deposits or long-term loans.  We kindly request that items are not brought into the museum or posted without prior consultation.

Find out more about donating archive material.

What we do collect

Objects, banners, regalia, artworks, prints, cartoons, posters, leaflets, ephemera, badges, memorabilia, and photographs relating to the growth of democracy in Britain, covering not only parliamentary reform, extension of the vote and general elections, but these ‘grassroots’ organisations and campaigns:

  • Trade unions
  • Political parties and groups (left, centre, right)
  • Co-operative movement
  • Friendly Societies and temperance organisations
  • Campaigns, issues and protests: including: women’s suffrage, peace, unemployment, European Union and devolution
  • Digital material.  We collect digital material such as photographs, letters and other digitised documents.  If you would like to donate digital material, please fill in our Digital Donations Form and email it to
  • Contemporary material.  Find out more information about your donation, what we collect, what we don’t collect and what will happen to your object here.

What we don’t collect

  • General social, local and working-life history, including tools
  • Manchester: general local history
  • Oral history: audio, transcripts etc
  • Books
  • Audiovisual material

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