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Family Friendly Highlights: Life in a Box

Life in a Box

Life in a Box Our ‘Life in a Box’ suitcases bring real historical people to life and contain items from a person’s past which you can look at, read and interact with!

Take a look inside Joe Sweeney’s tin lunch box and see what it was like to be a docker who took part in the great London Dock Strike in 1889 or peer into Winnie Furiman’s satchel that she used when she became a bus conductress in 1916 during World War I.

These are just some of the boxes you can take a glimpse at so make sure you lift up the lids to learn more about these people’s lives!

Find other ‘Life in a Box’ suitacases around the galleries:

  • Mary Fildes, Peterloo 1819, objects she brought back from Peterloo
  • Joe Sweeney, a docker in 1889, objects in his tin lunchbox
  • Maggie MaCallow, worked at Bryant and May Match Factory, 1888
  • Winnie Furiman, bus conductress in 1916, look inside her satchel
  • William Davidson, Cato Street Conspirator in 1820
  • Dorothy Crouch, a new mother in 1948
  • Gabrielle Walker, immigrant and factory worker in 1951