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Contemporary Collecting

We are currently undertaking an exciting Arts Council funded project called Play Your Part.  The project aims to make the museum more relevant to today’s audiences, by responding to current events, linking them to campaigns of the past, with the hope of inspiring activists of the future.

A key part of the project is to collect contemporary material, so that visitors of the future can learn about what was happening now.  The museum is keen to collect objects from campaigns and demonstrations within living memory.  This could be anything from posters, placards and banners to ticket stubs, badges and anything else!

We’re specifically looking at getting our extensive peace collection up to date and collecting material relating to the tuition fees protests in 2010 and other recent student campaigns.

If you would like any further information or have any objects that you’d like to donate to the museum then please get in touch with Catherine O’Donnell on 0161 838 9190 or email  You can find out more about the project on our blog at PHMMcr.

Find out more information about your donation, what we collect, what we don’t and what will happen to your object here.

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