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UCLan need your help

UCLan need your help

13 October 2011

The People’s History Museum is working with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) on a funding bid to hopefully culminate in an exhibition about the temperance movement in 2012 at the museum. 

The temperance movement, in which people took the pledge not to drink alcohol, effectively began in the North West. It was a significant feature of many working people’s lives for over 100 years and is still a tradition in many local families. 

Historians at the University of Central Lancashire hope to offer a range of events from July 2012 to explore this history – with an exhibition at the People’s History Museum, talks and entertainments such as a re-creation of a Temperance meeting.  They also hope to find out what family traditions or personal memories the people of the North West have, and to record these for future generations as well as using them to contribute to the exhibition, where possible.  

The researchers at UCLan would like your help.  Please get in touch with them.

  • Please contact them if you think that this is a good idea and if you would be interested in attending the exhibition/ events.  This will not commit you to anything.  They need this list to show that there is interest from the local public and to support their application for funding.  They will only use this to keep you informed and will not give this to any other group or organisation
  • If you have personal memories of temperance movements (such as the Band of Hope, Rechabites, Orders of Good Templars or Phoenix, or church-linked Temperance societies) or if you have family traditions or stories, please contact them.

Contact details:
Dr Annemarie McAllister
Telephone: 01772 893799
Post: School of Education and Social Science, UCLan, Preston, PR1 2HE