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PHM website now on mobile

PHM website now on mobile

27 June 2013

This afternoon the museum has launched a mobile version of its website. has been optimised for people accessing the website on mobile phones.

The mobile site is a condMobile site whats on todayensed version of the website showing key content – what’s on, about us and visit us which is perfect for users accessing relevant information quickly when on the move.  We researched what information people were looking at on our existing site and on what device (ie desktop, tablet, mobile) to provide the most relevant and popular information to people using mobile phones.

Visitors can access the ‘full’ website by clicking on the ‘Go to desktop site’ link which is available at the bottom of every page.  Likewise, there is a link on the main website to the mobile site.

The design is in-keeping with the full website’s look and feel but has been specifically adapted to work well in portrait rather than landscape orientation.

The museum worked with digital agency Reading Room to draw up the spec for the project, utilised best practice in mobile design, tested the site fully and then put it live.

We will be monitoring use of the mobile site and listening to feedback from users to inform any future developments and changes to the site.