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PHM to receive annual Arts Council England funding

PHM to receive annual Arts Council England funding

30 June 2017

The People’s History Museum is celebrating the news that it has been awarded National Portfolio funding from Arts Council England.

Janneke Geene, Acting Director for PHM, says, ‘As the UK’s national museum of democracy, equality, citizenship and politics, the role that the People’s History Museum fulfills has never felt more important.  National Portfolio status will not only give us the scope to increase the volume on our work, it will also ensure that we have the resources to fulfill our ambitions, form creative partnerships and reach and inspire more audiences.’

‘We are delighted that Arts Council England has recognised the value of our work, because we truly are a museum for everyone, for it’s everyone’s story that we tell, document and interpret. In doing so we reflect and link the past present and future of society its ideas, challenges, the progress that it makes, the fights that it takes on; and we inspire our visitors with innovative programming that brings all of this to life.’

Chair of PHM Trustees, Baroness Jan Royall, says, ‘Democracy is something to be greatly treasured; it shapes our future and reminds us of our past struggles to achieve it. People’s History Museum is a unique cultural organisation in the work does to engage people with the ideas, stories and themes of democracy and the space that it gives visitors to discover, discuss and debate these ideas is hugely important.  So I am thrilled by the increased potential National Portfolio status will give the museum to inspire people with its work’

Jane Beardsworth, Director North, Arts Council England says, ‘Museums are being integrated into our national portfolio for the first time and we are investing in a wide range of different museums across the North. The People’s History Museum is the national museum of democracy and has an outstanding and nationally significant collection of the history of working class England. We are delighted that it joins our portfolio in 2018.’

The funding will place PHM alongside some of the leading arts organisations in the world, and is the first time that museums have featured as part of the scheme.

The achievements of PHM have also been recognised by the cultural industry; a Museum & Heritage Award in May has been followed with the short listing by Kids in Museums as the Family Friendly Museum 2017, which will be announced in October.

The National Portfolio funding will commence 1 April 2018 and run to 31 March 2022.  During this period PHM will take a leading role in some of the cultural anniversaries that have defined the lives of all.  In 2018 it will be a mark 100 years since women got the partial vote by reflecting and discussing the theme of representation.  This will follow in 2019 with the 200th anniversary of Peterloo, which saw the massacre of peaceful protestors who were demonstrating for the right to vote.

The museum is open seven days a week.

Entry is free, but visitors are invited to make a suggested donation of £5.

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