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PHM launches new app – ideas worth scanning

PHM launches new app – ideas worth scanning

10 October 2012

In the last few days the People’s History Museum has launched a new app which ties in with the museum’s new leaflet. 

Design agency Vivid won the pitch to design the museum’s first piece of general consumer print since re-opening in 2010.  The brief was for the leaflet to help raise awareness of the museum and to drive visitors to the museum.  The plan was for it to be mostly available across the city region in other arts & cultural venues, libraries, hotels and tourist information centres.  Following the national trend for less and less print being produced, the museum was keen for the leaflet to work in several different ways if possible.  Vivid came up with an innovative idea using new technology to help bring the museum to life and help show ‘there have always been ideas worth fighting for’.  

Using Aurasma (a free augmented reality platform that lets you discover, create and share amazing virtual content, integrated into the real world) Vivid branded it as the People’s History Museum ‘Scan to discover’ app.  People can download the PHM app for free from both android and apple smartphones and then point the screen over an image on the leaflet that is accompanied by a ‘scan point’ icon.  Then watch and listen as seven different images come to life.  For example, you can listen to James Hogarth taking his oath in a secret society initiation, listen to Henry Hunt speaking about the Peterloo Massacre of 1819, watch a CWS advertising film from 1928 or watch historic footage of banners on the march.  We hope this is a great way of giving potential visitors an insight into what is inside the museum and hopefully persuading them to visit. 

The leaflet has been designed so that it still works well as a piece of print for those people without smartphones, but gives those that are interested in new technology some added extras.  The museum and Vivid will be monitoring the number of downloads and users comments. 

It is hoped that we might be able to use augmented reality within the museum’s galleries at some point in the near future to offer an alternative and enhanced visitor experience. 

To download the app, visit either Google Play (for android smartphones) or the App Store (for iphones).