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PHM launches Join the Radicals crowdfunding campaign #GetMary

PHM launches Join the Radicals crowdfunding campaign #GetMary

Love Mary Wollstonecraft? Why not support the People’s History Museum’s crowdfunding campaign #GetMary

11 June 2015

Mary Wollstonecraft print © Stewy

Our Sponsor a Radical Hero fundraising campaign has been going really well since we launched it at the end of last year, with 46 people generously paying £3,000 each to support the museum and put their name alongside their chosen museum Radical Hero.  However, we are really surprised that some of the Radical Heroes we expected to be snapped up immediately haven’t yet been sponsored, despite the fact that they are widely admired.

Mary Wollstonecraft, the 18th century women’s rights advocate, philosopher and writer, is a case in point.  We think Mary is such an important figure in the story of the museum and we would love to see her sponsored.  So we have launched a crowdfunding campaign called #GetMary to encourage a collective of people to sponsor Mary, so she can take her rightful place amongst the other Radical Heroes who have already been sponsored.

Many of you will already know about Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797).  She believed that women had the right to equality of education.  In 1792 she wrote her best-known book, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, in which she argued that women were not inferior to men, but merely lacked education.  Now that was a radical idea.

We want to invite people to join together to celebrate the achievements of this brave and forward thinking woman, who was at the forefront of women’s fight for equality.  Why not join us and support our #GetMary campaign?  You can pay £10, £50 or £300 and will receive a range of benefits, including fantastic limited edition postcards or prints featuring Mary Wollstonecraft, by graffiti artist and People’s History Museum Patron Stewy.

Stewy said ‘It is a real pleasure to be able to help the People’s History Museum with the #GetMary crowdfunding campaign.  I recently became a Patron of the museum and their Sponsor a Radical Hero campaign is a great idea to raise much needed funds.  Mary Wollstonecraft was such an important figure in history, so if my limited edition prints of her can help the museum, that is brilliant.’

If we raise the money, Mary Wollstonecraft will be included on our Radical Heroes board in the museum, alongside other Heroes including Emmeline Pankhurst, Clement Attlee and George Orwell, as well as being listed on our website and our marketing materials as a sponsored Radical Hero. All the money raised will go directly to the museum’s collections, exhibitions and Learning Programme, and to help us continue to tell the story of great Radical Heroes like Mary.

  • Find out more about Mary Wollstonecraft, Stewy and his graffiti portrait of Mary by watching this video: