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PHM involved in 16 Days of Street Art Action

PHM involved in 16 Days of Street Art Action

29 November 2013

PHM involved in 16 Days of Street Art Action

One of the windows of the museum has been used as a canvas for an artist to display their work as part of a project which aims to encourage dialogue and debate about the importance of feminism in achieving women’s human rights. The international campaign ‘16 days of action to end violence against women’ is this year calling for an end to militarism and violence against women in conflict.

Close up of 16 Days artist installation at People's History MuseumDuring the campaign 16 pieces of street art created by 16 diverse women from across the north will appear in a variety of secret locations around Manchester illustrating local women’s perspectives on feminism.

Project coordinators Jo Lane and Hilary Turley created the project as a way to promote positive ideas of feminism, but also to get young people thinking about gender equality and what that means in their day to day lives. For them this is fundamental in challenging violence against women and girls. If you would like to keep up to date with the project, follow its progress and see the images and footage, please like the 16 Days of Street Art Action facebook page or follow @McrYouthMag on twitter with #16daysofstreetartaction

The artist who produced the work on the windows of the museum is Hebe Phillips.