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On the March inspires 2012 Cultural Olympiad project

On the March inspires 2012 Cultural Olympiad project

1 March 2012

Pennants by Disability Group, St Helens

Back in autumn 2011, the museum welcomed a group of visitors from St Helens Day Opportunities at Stephenson’s Resource Centre, St Helens.  The members of the group were all enrolled on the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) textile course and came to do research for a project they were carrying out as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.  They enjoyed a tour of our then Changing Exhibition, On the March – An Exhibition of Banners Made by Ed Hall, given by exhibition curator Kate Chatfield, and they also explored the historic banners in our Main Galleries. 

The museum was delighted to hear from the members of the group recently and find out that their trip had proved to be very useful and inspiring, as the group went on to design and create their own banners for the project.  Most of all we were excited to see the fantastic finished banners!

“We had a marvellous time studying the banners including the Ed Hall exhibition, and were interested in all the extra information you gave us.   We were pleased with the accessibility and the space to get around.  We loved the tea and cakes!”

“Your exhibition tour made us realise the importance of colour and good clear shapes in a banner design.”

The banners the group made will be distributed to British Olympic Team Members.  All the St Helens Day Opportunities group members have a physical disability and they have therefore asked that their banners be given to members of the Paralympics’ Team.  Keep an eye out for the banners during the Paralympic Games this summer!  The banners are also on display now on the Quilts 4 London website gallery.