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New ICON/HLF Conservation Intern

New ICON/HLF Conservation Intern

7 December 2012


We hear from our newly appointed ICON/HLF Conservation Intern, Danielle Connolly.

Through the Institute of Conservation (ICON) and the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) a 12 month internship in banner conservation was created at the People’s History Museum.  Having recently completed a two year postgraduate course in Textile Conservation at the University of Glasgow, the internship will give me the opportunity to put what I have learned into practice within the Textile Conservation Studio.  The internship will give me the chance to learn the specialist skills and knowledge used in banner conservation and in the conservation of painted surfaces.  It will also allow me to observe and practice the handling, packing and display of large, fragile, complex objects such as banners.  The new year will see me participate in the re-display of the current banners on show in the museum galleries.  I will also undertake the full conservation of the Bethnal Green Mixed Co-operative Guild banner.  This will entail writing a detailed condition report and conservation treatment proposal for the banner before carrying out the necessary conservation work.

I am excited about the coming year and hope to learn more about and assist in the preservation of the fascinating collection of banners at the People’s History Museum.

Danielle Connolly, ICON/HLF Conservation Intern, People’s History Museum