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New addition to museum’s collection: Spanish Civil War fan

New addition to museum’s collection: Spanish Civil War fan

24 April 2012

Spanish Civil War fan

The People’s History Museum is delighted to have a rather special item added to our collection.

A souvenir fan brought back from the Spanish Civil War bearing the signatures of several International Brigades members has been donated to the museum by Georgia Naish and Baxter Pearson from Wilmslow, Cheshire.

The fan was brought back from Spain by Fred Pearson of Denton who fought in the Spanish Civil War in 1938 in the 15th International Brigades.  His name is inscribed on one of the slats of the fan.  Georgia and Baxter are Fred Pearson’s grandchildren.

Nearly all the slats on the fan have a name inscribed.  Many of the International Brigades members are from Greater Manchester, including: A. Charlesworth, Oldham; W. Winnick, Fallowfield, Manchester; J. Brannen, Levenshulme, Manchester; F. Borrino, Old Trafford, Manchester; Albert Stubbs, Manchester;  Marcus Harry Brookes, Manchester;  A. Macintosh, Platting, Manchester;  H. Ridings, Manchester;  Sid Silvius, Manchester.  The museum already has several key items in the collection related to the Spanish Civil War and visitors can learn more about British involvement and support for the Spanish people in the Main Galleries.   

Visitors will be able to see the fan on Saturday 28 April as the museum is hosting a Spanish Civil War event, Memories of the International Brigades and Gernika.  The fan will form part of a special display of items related to the International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War, which will be on display for the duration of the event on the 28 April.  Please be aware this event is now fully booked, though visitors can still see the fan on display.