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Museum to host Future Everything event

Museum to host Future Everything event

22 April 2010

Prime Numerics – Sosolimited

Thursday 29 April 2010 @ 7.30pm

The museum is delighted to be hosting a special event next Thursday evening (29 April) by Future Everything. 

Please join us for a live audiovisual remix of the third UK General Election TV debate.  In the apt surroundings of the new museum, view Brown, Cameron and Clegg in their final showdown, as artists Sosolimited offer a dizzying array of word-usage analysis, highly stylised charts and visualisations, and an illuminating perspective on what the candidates are actually saying.

Sosolimited, a stunning USA design group, use custom software allowing them to sample and analyse the video, audio, and closed captioned text of the television signal. Reconstituting the material, it reveals linguistic patterns, exposes content and structures, and fundamentally alters the way in which the debates are watched.

The performance turns politics into entertainment and also serves to dissect and analyse in real time the content of the debates. The legibility of the debates is maintained throughout the performance – we don’t want the audience to miss a word of it.

To book a ticket (they’re free), go to

This event is a trailblazer for the forthcoming FutureEverything Festival which runs from 12-15 May 2010.

Sosolimited is an art and design consultancy formed in 2003. The group specialises in interactive installation and audiovisual performance. Working at the leading edge of technology, they create immersive works that play on the immediacy of live media. Formed by three MIT graduates with backgrounds in physics, computer science, architecture, and music, SoSoLimited operates at the intersection of experience and information. They continue to create unique works for clients and galleries around the world.

The festival formerly known as Futuresonic – after 15 years, Futuresonic returns as FutureEverything, at venues across Manchester, 12-15 May 2010.  World premieres of astonishing artworks, an explosive city-wide music programme, and visionary thinkers from around the world across 4 festival strands – Art, Music, Ideas and Showcase.  FutureEverything is an award winning, world class organisation using mass participation in creativity and social innovation to bring the future into the present. It has a strong global network and international profile, and is recognised around the world for leading pioneering projects and important international debates. In 2009, the audience for the festival was 75,000, and the media footprint was 48.5 million (SKV).