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Museum Launches New Audio Guide

Museum Launches New Audio Guide

9 May 2012

Visitors can now use our new audio guides to enhance their visit to the People’s History Museum.  The guides provide an insight into some of the key stories and most significant, unique and unusual objects on display in the museum.

Visitors can select which of the 20 audio recordings they want to listen to, to gain more in-depth information about our displays as they progress through the museum’s Main Galleries.

Visitors will be able to use the guides to uncover the symbolism of the ghoulish skeleton painting used at secret meetings in the 1800s, learn more about the Tolpuddle Martyrs, discover the story behind the world’s oldest surviving trade union banner, find out how Keir Hardie revolutionised parliamentary clothing, trace the origins of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and much more!

The simple to use handsets are available for hire from the museum’s reception for just £2.

Find out more about the Podcatcher and other Guide ID audio tours.

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