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Improving financial sustainability through voltage optimisation

Improving financial sustainability through voltage optimisation

19 October 2012

The People’s History Museum has been awarded a grant of £5,000 from Museum Development North West Sustainable Improvement Fund.

Operations Manager Steve Talbot explains a bit more about the project to introduce voltage optimisation equipment into the museum’s systems.

After the dust had settled after our major re-development and re-opening in 2010, the museum undertook a full energy audit. The audit was carried out by specialist consultants and involved numerous site visits to make observations and take technical readings, interviews with staff and a full review of our existing energy information.

The assessment benchmarked where we were in terms of our energy performance -identifying the main impacts the museum’s activities were having on energy consumption.

With rising energy costs, finding ways to minimise energy consumption and improve energy efficiency will help the museum reduce costs and benefit the environment.

The audit report highlighted numerous areas where energy consumption could be improved by adjustments to equipment or staff behaviour as well has commending the good practice that already exists through the adoption of Green Principles.

The report emphasised that the next step would be the incorporation of voltage optimisation equipment into our systems. It was calculated we could reduce our energy costs by as much as 18% and after more research the museum decided this was a route well worth taking.

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