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Greener Museums

8 October 2011

The People’s History Museum is pleased to be part of a national initiative to improve sustainability across museums.

We have instigated almost 40 different ways of working to help reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure the building is as sustainable as possible. 

Examples of what we are doing to be green in the museum include: 

  • actively sorting plastic / glass bottles to be recycled
  • actively sorting cardboard / paper waste to be recycled
  • recycling clean cardboard for use in craft activities where appropriate
  • turning down the central heating to level two
  • re-using envelopes where possible
  • postage stamps are sent to Oxfam where they are valued and priced to sell to collectors
  • internal documents are printed on used paper
  • lights in the toilets and staircases are on a sensor so they go off when it is bright daylight or when there are no visitors
  • the heating, lighting and air con systems are monitored to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum waste
  • visitors are encouraged to use hand dryers in the toilets rather than paper towels
  • visitors are encouraged to use public transport to get to the museum where possible

Visit the Greener Museums website for more information