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All change for banners

All change for banners

10 January 2011

From today the museum will be changing some of its famous banners that are on display for visitors to see. 

The museum has a world class collection of banners and although there are lots currently on display, there are even more in our collection.  Some of the banners are very old and delicate so are not able to be on public display for long periods of time.  By rotating the banners on display it means that we can protect the most delicate of banners as well as enabling visitors to see even more of our famous collection. 

In 2011 there will be several banners going on display for the first time that have been conserved in our Textile Conservation Studio: Honour Bright, the Socialist Sunday School (Hyde) banner and Suffrage Atelier banner have all been conserved by our team of expert conservators.  You may have seen these banners being worked on through the viewing window into the studio from Gallery Two?  Other banners on display include two new aquisitions to the museum collection: Nicaragua 10 Years of Freedom and The Great Benefits Robbery Campaign.

The banner changeover is planned to take place between Monday 10 and Friday 21 January.  There will only be one gallery closed to the public at any one time to minimise the possible disruption to your visit. 

Here’s a link to youtube to watch a short video of a double sided banner being winched into place.

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