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  • A-level History Archive Research Session

    Russia 1917-1922: Revolution, Civil War and Repression

  • The Little People’s History Museum Story Sessions: Beeing Special

    Meet Little Bee, the bee who wants to be different. Join in the bee dance, search for flowers in the museum and follow Little Bee’s adventure to find out how he becomes the hero of Victorian Manchester.

  • The Little People’s History Museum Story Sessions: Mr Ordinary’s Prize

    Someone has stolen Mr Ordinary’s Thinking and Doing! What will he do without them? Join in the adventure as Mr Ordinary and his friends try to get them back.

  • The Little People’s History Museum Story Sessions: Under The Rainbow

    Meet Matilda, a little girl who is given a magic rainbow bag. Help Matilda to solve clues to get to the end of the rainbow and find what she’s looking for…

  • Living History: Woody the Time Travelling Shopper

    Key Stage1 & 2 pupils will meet our magical time traveller. They will find out about life in the past and go on a shopping adventure.

  • Living History: Moving Stories – Migration & Identity

    Meet Anita Sharma at school in Manchester as she describes her summer holiday trip to Bombay with her parents who were born there. Follow her journey to adulthood as she explores her identity.

  • Living History: No Bed of Roses – From the Caribbean to Manchester

    Meet Gabrielle and help with her life-changing decision to move from the Caribbean to Manchester in the 1950s.

  • Living History: Peterloo

    Meet James Bronterre O‘Brien, editor of Victorian newspaper the Poor Man’s Guardian. Accompany Bronterre on a march to Peterloo, interview child mill worker John Oats, and use drama and role play techniques to uncover the stories of the day.

  • Living History: Slavery & Suffrage – William Cuffay’s Story

    A session in which pupils meet William Cuffay, Chartist and son of a freed slave.

  • Living History: Strike A Light! – A Match Girl’s Story

    Meet Maggie McCallow, a Victorian match girl involved in the match factory strike of 1888 and find out how she campaigned for better rights for workers.

  • Living History: Baddies – Conscience & Conflict During World War I

    Look at life during World War I through the eyes of two brothers, Dougie and Arthur – one is a soldier, the other a conscientious objector

  • Living History: The Hard Way Up – A Suffragette’s Story

    This Living History session is based on the story of suffragette and local councillor Hannah Mitchell.

  • pARTicipate: Build a Banner

    Find out about the history and symbolism of our unique collection of historic banners and work with an artist to create your own banner on a theme of your choice.

  • pARTicipate: Print Power

    Explore our unique collection of banners and learn about signs and symbols. Experiment with screen printing and mixed materials and create a finished piece to take back to school in this half day workshop.

  • pARTicipate: The Art of Protest

    How and why do people protest? Explore historic and contemporary protests and create your own protest art

  • pARTicipate: Drawing on Manchester

    pARTicipate includes a range of artist led workshops informed by our unique collections. Take inspiration from the city around us.

  • pARTicipate: Protest Pots

      pARTicipate workshops are artist-led sessions inspired by our unique collections and link directly to the National Curriculum. We can tailor all sessions to meet the needs of your particular topic – just ask!   Explore our historic collection of ceramics in relation to contemporary ceramic art. Work with an artist to experiment with the […]

  • City Centre Trail

    Explore Manchester’s hidden history on a half-day guided walk looking at the buildings, streets and monuments that tell the story of the world’s first industrial city.

  • Creative Writing: Every Object Tells A Story

    Let our amazing collections inspire your students to write

  • Snapshot on…

    Make the most of our photography collection

  • Guided Gallery Tours

    Explore the museum’s exhibits with a member of staff

  • Teas & Tours

    An informative tour of our galleries led by an experienced member of staff, with a tea or coffee and a scone with jam and cream in The Left Bank cafe bar. Keep in touch Keep up to date with ‘ideas worth learning about’ and our Learning Programme by signing up to our quarterly e-newsletter  or following us on […]

  • Introduction to Archives (Key Stage 4)

    Are you teaching the history of the British labour movement, including the suffragettes, World War I and the birth of the NHS?  If so, why not visit the Labour History Archive & Study Centre and access over 6,000 boxes of unique archive material. Book an introductory workshop for your class to teach them how to […]

  • Introduction to Archives (FE & HE, Adult & Community groups)

    Are you interested in the history of the Labour Party, the Communist Party of Great Britain and the British labour movement?  If so, why not visit the Labour History Archive & Study Centre and access over 6,000 boxes of unique archive material. Book an introductory workshop to find out all about using archives for your […]

  • Early Years Explorer Bags

    Visit the People’s History Museum with your early years group and borrow one of our exciting new Explorer Bags. The bags contain a selection of fantastic resources to help your group explore the museum and engage with the collections.