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Ideas worth learning about

  • Self-guided group visits: Free of charge, but must be pre-booked with the Learning Team
  • Early Years story sessions: £4 per child.  Minimum charge £95
  • Living History workshops: £4.50 per learner (£5 non AGMA).  Minimum charge £95
  • City Centre Trails: £4.50 per learner (£5 non AGMA).  Minimum charge £110
  • Creative Writing workshop: £4.50 per learner (£5 non AGMA).  Minimum charge £95
  • pARTicipate half day workshops: £4.50 per learner (£5 non AGMA).  Minimum charge £95
  • pARTicipate full day workshops: £9 per learner (£10 non AGMA).  Minimum charge £160
  • Guided Tours: £4.50 per person.  Minimum charge £50
  • Introduction to Archives: £4.50 per person

Visit PHM for a Power of Print day

  • Only £4.50 per learner, with a minimum charge of £95
  • The day will include a screen-printing workshop, exploring how print has been used to campaign, protest, and get messages out.  Learners will create their own posters inspired by the collection on display in the museum galleries
  • The day also includes a visit to our Savage Ink exhibition, on display until Sun 13 May 2018.  Savage Ink looks at the history of political cartoons and caricatures.  Resources will be provided to help develop research skills

This visit will include the following links to curriculum:

  • History: Living and working conditions of the 18th and 19th century; Relationship between power and the people
  • Citizenship: Recognise the role of citizens in our democracy
  • Art and design: Develop techniques; Creativity, experimentation and awareness of different kinds of art


  • Special coach offer for schools: Receive discounted travel when you book a workshop for groups of up to 60 learners.  This offer is for Greater Manchester schools.
  • Guided Tour & Introduction to Archives: £8 per person.  Minimum charge £80
  • Teas & Tours: £8.00 per person.  Minimum charge £95

All sessions are free for accompanying adults.

  • For further details on any of the above information or to book a session, please use the Learning enquiry form or call 0161 838 9190.