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"Sample 2: TUC: the banners in the Trades Union Congress Collection: banner total number, 16: See 16 images in Multimedia field at bottom." [Collection Record: PHM TUC Inventory, 2004]

Collection Record: PHM TUC Inventory, 2004

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TUCCOLLBANNER1_352(med).jpg (image/jpeg)
Catalogue Number Collection Record: PHM TUC Inventory, 2004
Object Name Sample 2: the banners in the Trades Union Congress Collection: banner total number, 16
Title Trades Union Congress Collection
Description 16 x banners:

1) TUC A Womans Place Is In the Union. Prelim Number: 1.352
2) East Anglia TUC United Europe Needs a Real Social Dimension. Prelim Number: 1.353
3) Foxbar Unemployed. We'd Rather Work Than Walk! Prelim Number: 1.354
4) Jarrow to London. Prelim Number: 1.355
5) Manchester Direct Works Stewards Committee. Free the Shrewsbury Pickets. Prelim Number: 1.356
6) Peoples March For Jobs '83. Prelim Number: 1.357
7) Suffrage Atelier. Prelim Number: 1.358
8) TUC. The Government Must Change Course Now. Prelim Number: 1.359
9) TUC Vigil for Coal. Prelim Number: 1.360
10) U.P.W. E.D.O. Uniform Branch. Prelim Number: 1.361
11) Russian script ? = Proletarians of all Countries Unite [(LSB) 1]. Prelim Number: 1.362
12) Russian script ? = To English Trade Union Delegation [(LIB) 3]. Prelim Number: 1.363
13) Russian script ? = To Men and Women Garment Workers of England [(LSB) 4]. Prelim Number: 1.364
14) Russian script ? = Workers of the World Unite [(LSB) 5]. Prelim Number: 1.365
15) one side Azerbaijan script ? other side mainly English script = Proletarians of the World Unite [(LIB) 6]. Prelim Number: 1.366
16) Russian script ? = To the English Workers from Metal Workers of VITEBSK [(LIB) 7]. Prelim Number: 1.367

TUC - A Woman's Place Is In The Union banner, about 1980
This banner was produced by the East Anglia Region of the Trades Union Congress, as part of a campaign to recruit more women members.

Materials: Single layer of red plain woven polyester-cotton mix fabric with a hand painted image.

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