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Reference Code LP/ID/CI
Title Ancillary Organisations of the Communist International
Date(s) 1926-1940
Scope and Content This collection should be called "alleged ancillary organisations of the Communist International", since many (if not most) of the organisations concerned in this collection had little, if any, contact with the Communist party, let alone the Kremlin. William Gillies (1885-1958), the Labour Party International Secretary from 1920 to 1944, set about finding out which political organisations had Communist financial backing or Communist members and any one which did (and Communist member meant any known Communist who had attended a meeting) immediately came under suspicicion. It did not only include British organisations, but International ones, where Gillies suspected the hand of Wilhelm Munzenberg starting the World revolution through anti-Fascist movements. The result was that virtually all the anti-Fascist and many Peace and Unemployment movements were made ineligable for affiliation to the Labour Party and Party members were discouraged from associating with them. The accumulation of Gillies' labours was a booklet called "The Communist Solar System"-describing in his view-the infiltration by the Communist International into radical organisations. Although this was published in 1933-the year the Labour Party's proscibed list was first brought out, Gillies continued his ferreting until the Second World War and even then did not stop it.    Extracts from Russian Newspapers LP/ID/CI/1    Extracts from the Reports of the Proceedings of the meetings of the Enlarged Executive of the Communist International LP/ID/CI/2    International Press Correspondence-Unpublished manuscripts circulated by the Communist International LP/ID/CI/3    Documents on the Communist International LP/ID/CI/4    Extracts from the Constitution and the Rules of the Communist International LP/ID/CI/5    Extracts from International Information LP/ID/CI/6    The United Front LP/ID/CI/7    Organisations ineligable for affiliation LP/ID/CI/8    Anti-War and Anti-Fascist Movements LP/ID/CI/9 International Labour Defence LP/ID/CI/10    Austrian Solidarity Committee LP/ID/CI/11    Dimitroff Committee LP/ID/CI/12    Reichstag Trial Defence and German Delegation Committee LP/ID/CI/13    The National Unemployed Workers Committee Movement LP/ID/CI/14 Negro Welfare Association LP/ID/CI/15    Workers International Relief LP/ID/CI/16    Women's International Congress against War and Fascism LP/ID/CI/17    Students' Anti-Fascism LP/ID/CI/18    Youth Anti-Fascism LP/ID/CI/19    National Conference of the Teaching Profession against War and Economies LP/ID/CI/20    British Movement against War and Fascism LP/ID/CI/21    Paris Exhibition on Fascism LP/ID/CI/22    European Workers' Anti Fascist Congress in Copenhagen LP/ID/CI/23    Hyde Park Rally against Mosley LP/ID/CI/24    British Anti-War Movement LP/ID/CI/25    Relief Committee for the Victims of German Fascism LP/ID/CI/26    Relief Committee for the Victims of German Fascism-Saar LP/ID/CI/27    Relief Committee for the Victims of German Fascism-Spain LP/ID/CI/28    Relief Committee for the Victims of German Fascism-Germany and Austria LP/ID/CI/29    Anti-Fascist Relief Committee LP/ID/CI/30    British Labour Esperanto Association LP/ID/CI/31    Marx Memorial Library LP/ID/CI/32    League of Militant Atheists, International Association of Writers etc LP/ID/CI/33    Guild of Militant Co-operators LP/ID/CI/34    The Labour Research Department LP/ID/CI/35    The League against Imperialism and For National Independence LP/ID/CI/36    The National Minority Movement LP/ID/CI/37    Friends of Soviet Russia LP/ID/CI/38    Draft of "The Communist Solar System" LP/ID/CI/39    Innocents' Clubs(USA) LP/ID/CI/40    Miscellaneous Correspondence LP/ID/CI/41    International Emergency Conference for Spanish Refugees LP/ID/CI/42    International Information Propaganda Commission for Aid to Spanish Youth LP/ID/CI/43    Commission Internationale de Ravitaillement des Populations Civiles d'Espagne LP/ID/CI/44    Spanish Exhibition Committee LP/ID/CI/45    International Committee of Co-ordination and Information in Aid of Republican Spain LP/ID/CI/46    Antonio Pesenti Committee LP/ID/CI/47    International Committee for the Relief of the Victims of Italian Fascism LP/ID/CI/48    International Federation of German Emigres LP/ID/CI/49    European Conference of Amnesty for the Political Prisoners of Germany LP/ID/CI/50    National Congress of Peace and Friendship with the USSR LP/ID/CI/51    China Campaign Committee LP/ID/CI/52    Friends of the Chinese People LP/ID/CI/53    New Indian Political Group LP/ID/CI/54    National Meerut Prisoners' Defence Committee LP/ID/CI/55    First Indian Conference in Scotland LP/ID/CI/56    International Conference on the Decline of Liberal Principles in Constitutional Reforms in Certain Democratic Countries LP/ID/CI/57    International Committee for the Defence of the Ethiopian People LP/ID/CI/58    Pan African Federation LP/ID/CI/59    World Youth Congress and British Youth Peace Assembly LP/ID/CI/60    Official Secrets Case (Percy Glading's Conviction) LP/ID/CI/61    Institut Pour L'Etude du Fascisme LP/ID/CI/62    Alliance of Anti-Fascist Intellectuals LP/ID/CI/63    "Informations" LP/ID/CI/64    Left Book Club LP/ID/CI/65    Association of Left Musicians LP/ID/CI/66    Society for International Studies LP/ID/CI/67    British Centre against Imperialism LP/ID/CI/68    British Committee for the Relief of German Teachers LP/ID/CI/69    Groupe Interparlementaire pour la Defense des Droits du Peuple et du ses Elus LP/ID/CI/70    International Congress against Racialism and Anti-Semitism LP/ID/CI/71    International Juridical Association LP/ID/CI/72    International Committee for the Right of Asylum and for Political Refugees LP/ID/CI/73    Rassemblement Universel Pour la Paix (International Peace Campaign) LP/ID/CI/74
Arrangement As this collection is a description in itself of a particular policy by one obsessed man, I have numbered and listed this collection virtually as I found it. That is, each organisation has a seperate file. There are some duplications; for example, the Dimitroff Committee, the Reichstag Fire Committee, the Austrian Solidarity Committee and the British Committee for the Release of Victims of German Fascism are all connected as are the League against Imperialism and the Meerut Prisoners' Defence Committee. I considered that by leaving certain papers appertaining to one organisation in another one's file, it indicates the connection between the two, which was Gillies' reason for this dossier.


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